Tips For Writing An Honest, Helpful Hotel Review

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Tips For Writing An Honest, Helpful Hotel Review

29 April 2016
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If you found a suitable hotel on vacation from taking the time to peruse online reviews, it's worthwhile to consider writing a review of your own to help future travelers gain another person's perspective about the lodging that they might be considering. Visit an online review site and check the requirements ā€” you'll need to create an account and then find the hotel in question, provide a rating (often out of five) on several different factors and then submit the written review. You can also attach photos to your review if you took any during your stay. To increase the chance that your review helps others who may be planning to book the same hotel, here are some tips.

Write About What Stood Out

Travelers want to know what makes a particular hotel special. If they're browsing your review, they're likely looking online at other reviews, too. Don't spend much time talking about the generic attributes that any hotel possesses; instead, write what you'll remember from your stay and be as descriptive as possible. Perhaps a certain member of the front desk staff made you feel exceptionally welcomed or cheerfully fixed an oversight that you made when you booked your room online.

Discuss Cleanliness

Prospective hotel guests want to know how clean the accommodations are, so include some relevant details to make your review come to life. You could use a term such as "spotless" or "squeaky clean" to illustrate the overall condition of your room or your bathroom. Think about common areas, too. For example, point out that the dining area was immaculate or that the serving dishes and utensils that you used at the complimentary breakfast buffet were carefully cleaned. Other areas, such as the pool or athletic center, are also worth commenting on in regards to cleanliness.

Share Your Location-Based Experiences

While people considering the hotel can use an online map service to check its location, it's helpful if you devote a few sentences to painting a picture of the area. Note which attractions you visited that were within walking distance or just a short drive away and share how you felt safe going for a jog in the neighborhood around the hotel because it was well-lit at night. You can also offer specific details that provide further insight about the hotel's location. For example, you might write that despite the hotel's close proximity to the interstate, you found that you couldn't hear any noise from the passing motorists when you were in your room.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you visit a hotel, such as Mt. Laurel La Quinta Inn.