Four Reasons To Rent Out A Hotel Conference Room On The First Day Of Family Vacations

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Four Reasons To Rent Out A Hotel Conference Room On The First Day Of Family Vacations

18 May 2016
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If you are going on a vacation with your immediate and extended family, you may not have spent time with everyone at some point. While on vacation, you will want to spend as much time enjoying yourself and hanging out with your family as possible. The one thing that you will need to do is brief everyone on the vacation itself and what is expected. If you live far from your family, this may not be easy on the phone or through email. Here are four reasons why you want to rent out a conference room the first day of your vacation. 

Get the rooms situated

Depending on how you book the rooms, there may be a lot of paperwork, key cards, and confused individuals at the front desk. For this reason, you should designate the family's most organized person to deal with the check-in and check-out process for the entire group. Once this happens, they can hand  out the keycards and rooming assignments to everyone inside of the conference room. This is a much better time to deal with questions and room changes than at the check-in counter. 

Figure out a schedule for each day

No matter how many emails you send out, there are sure to be some family members who forget the entire plan and have questions every day. For this reason, you should print out schedules of the meetup times and activities for each day of the vacation. Talking this over in a hotel conference room will provide you with the space and time to find out any issues and get the schedule pared down. The fewer issues and interruptions during the rest of the vacation the better, so taking care of all schedule questions and changes the first hour of the vacation is best. 

Find out any special needs

In the family, there are sure to be members who have allergies, specific diets, or other special needs. Since you all will be going out as a group, it will be important for everyone to take note of this. If one child has a peanut allergy, it will be important for the individuals in their direct company not to deal with nuts. If there is a child with asthma and you all are going to an amusement park, every adult leader of the group will need to be aware of this. 

Sharing brand new news

No one in the family wants to be left out, especially of any big announcements. At the end of the meeting for the overview of the vacation, you should open up the floor to announcements, New babies, promotions, and upcoming weddings can be shared at this moment. Celebratory news is also one of the best ways to kick off a family vacation on a high note. Contact a hotel, like Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport, to get started.