Going To An Annual Event With An Unscheduled Date? 3 Tips To Get The Best Hotel Rates

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Going To An Annual Event With An Unscheduled Date? 3 Tips To Get The Best Hotel Rates

19 May 2016
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Many events happen on an annual basis, such as major conventions, state fairs, and music festivals. Usually, it takes a while for the event organizers to come up with exact dates of the event each year. This means you can only plan so far in advance. If your main priority is fitting the trip into a small budget, you need to find great hotel rates. But, looking shortly before the event will not help you accomplish this goal. You need to start finding ways to save money on hotel rates well before the finalized dates are posted.

Figure Out Your Preferred Transportation

If you are looking to go to an event in a large city, you will naturally have more options to choose from. Most major cities have ridesharing services that you can use to get to the event location. Public transportation can also be found in the form of buses, light rails, subways, and cable cars. Some cities even have bicycle sharing programs that you can use to get to get around without dealing with traffic. The farther you are able to get out of the city center, the more money you will save on hotel rates.

Stay Updated on the Event Dates

Hotels will naturally capitalize on these annual events by increasing the rates on the event dates. By keeping up with the latest information and being ready to book the hotel as soon as the dates are posted, you can take advantage of prices that have not been changed to accommodate the upcoming event. You will want to make sure you get a rate guarantee to avoid having the rates increased before you arrive.

Collaborate with Other Event Goers

Another way that you can score some savings on hotel rates is to share the room with others. The safest way to collaborate with people who are also going to the event is with people you know personally. Connect with family and friends to see if anyone is interested in going, and then you can split the costs. If you do not have any success, you can try to find people to go with where you live. Not only can you split the costs of a hotel, but you may be able to work out travel plans together to save even more money.

Taking action before you need to make plans for an event is the best way to save on rates at hotels like The Breakers Hotel.