Consider These 4 Popular Travel Destinations In Europe

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Consider These 4 Popular Travel Destinations In Europe

17 June 2016
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If you have a dream to travel to Europe, you will find that there are many different places to see. It can often be difficult to know where to go on your first trip, so here are some popular travel destinations to consider.


One of the most popular travel destinations in Europe is London. Here you will find Abbey Road, Sherlock Holmes Museum, and of course the Buckingham Palace. There is an endless supply of art, culture, and history in London. The city also has so many different areas that you will never run out of options for where to stay. You can choose a trendy area like Chelsea or stay in a hotel on the iconic Liverpool Street. Some other good places to stay in London include Kensington, Brixton, and Bayswater.


If you are looking for a stylish and modern city in France, consider visiting Bordeaux. This is an excellent city when you want to explore what the French lifestyle is really like. There is a lot of sophistication in Bordeaux, not to mention the dynamic skyline. It is a wonderful place to go when you want to try real French wine and explore the various restaurants and beaches in the area. Some popular hotels in Bordeaux to consider booking a room include the Hotel De Normandie, Hotel Burdigala, and the Chateau Cordeillan-Bages.


Paris is a wonderful destination in Europe whether you want to explore the culture and history with your family, or go on a romantic getaway with your significant other. Paris is filled with cobblestone streets, superior cafes, and all the couture fashion you could want. While in Paris, don't forget to see Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, and Centre Pompidou. When you are looking for accommodations, you will find a lot to choose from. There are trendy boutique hotels, high-end luxury hotels, and hostels if you're looking to save some money.


Take a trip to Athens in Greece for an unforgettable vacation. Athens is one of the more contemporary areas of Greece, offering a nice combination of beautiful landscapes and modern culture. There is exciting nightlife, which is perfect when traveling with friends, plus some beautiful hotels if you want to go to Athens with your family. Museums and art galleries are also plentiful in Athens. Some popular hotels include the Royal Olympic Hotel, Hotel NJV Athens Plaza, and Athens Studio Greece. Athens is another city that offers a wide range of hotels for every budget. Click here for more info