Three TV-Related Things To Research Before Your Upcoming Hotel Visit

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Three TV-Related Things To Research Before Your Upcoming Hotel Visit

8 April 2018
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When some people visit a hotel, they can't wait to flop down on the couch or in bed and watch some TV. Other hotel guests may not plan to even turn the TV on, but inclement weather that gets in the way of their outdoor plans can send them scurrying inside to watch a movie. Regardless of how much you plan to use your TV, it's worthwhile to do a little research before you book your next hotel. This can especially be valuable at an extended stay hotel and if you're traveling with children, because watching your in-room TV can make for a quiet afternoon or a pleasant evening. Here are some things to research in advance.

Number Of TVs Per Room

You might automatically think that your hotel room will have one TV, but this isn't always the case. Lots of hotel rooms have two TVs, and you don't even need to book a luxury property to enjoy this perk. At extended stay hotels, for example, two TVs are common. A living room might have a wall-mounted TV or one that is positioned on a rotating stand, while the bedroom might have enough TV. If you're booking your room for your family, multiple TVs can come in handy.

Pay-Per-View Titles

You might be looking forward to watching a movie during your upcoming hotel stay, but you don't want to be limited by what's airing ā€” nor do you want to feel as though you have to be in your room at a certain time to watch the movie. It's worthwhile to check if your hotel has pay-per-view titles available for purchase. This way, you can buy a movie to enjoy whenever you want, whether it's first thing in the morning, in the middle of the afternoon, or late at night.

Smart Capability

If you're a real multimedia buff, the idea of a hotel room with a smart-capable TV can be highly appealing. This will allow you to connect your mobile device or laptop to the TV to play media files that you might have saved, browse the internet on the TV, and perform other functions. Although smart TVs aren't available in every hotel, you'll notice that an increasing number of properties offer this amenity for their guests. When you browse the in-room features list on a hotel's website, these details will often be listed. If you're unsure, you can always call the hotel for clarification.

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