Maintaining Comfort In A Beach Hotel With Your Family

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Maintaining Comfort In A Beach Hotel With Your Family

23 May 2019
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Beach vacations are a great way to step out of your everyday life and enjoy living a bit. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help to make your beach hotel as comfortable and pleasing as possible – even with it filled with your kids.

Organizing the Room

When you're traveling with kids, you're traveling with a lot of stuff. How can you organize all of that stuff in one hotel room without feeling overwhelmed? Here's a few tips:

Hanging shoe organizer – You know the hanging shoe organizers that have all of those plastic pockets? Well, those organizers can be used for much more than just shoes. Use the bottom few rows to store the family's shoes, but the top rows can be used to hold things like brushes, toys, toiletries – all of those small things that just don't have a home in a hotel room.

Pop-Up laundry basket – Don't deal with the dirty laundry sitting around in the corners – a pop-up laundry basket can be used to store all of the dirty laundry until you can get it washed to take home, or you can just take it all home dirty.

Command Hooks – There's never enough hooks to hang things on in hotel rooms – pick up a few packs of large command hooks and you'll have the extra hooks that you'll need for towels, jackets, robes – anything that'll hang. When it's time to leave, simply remove the hooks and take them home with you.

Hangers – It seems that there's always limited space for clothing – especially when you have kids in tow. Bring a few extra hangers from home to ensure that you'll have more than enough to hang your family's clothes.

Sand Control

One of the downfalls of beach vacations is how the sand comes back to the hotel and home with you. To reduce the amount of sand that comes back into your hotel room with you, take a long a rubber door mat and a bucket that can be filled with water.

Place the door mat and bucket of water directly inside the door of your hotel room. When you get back to the room, remove your shoes and rinse your feet off in the bucket – you can even use the bucket to rinse your shoes. If you can keep the sand off of your feet, you'll be able to limit how much of it spreads throughout the hotel room.

Start planning today and your family will enjoy a great vacation at the beach this year without any issues of convenience and comfort in your beach hotel room.