Little Tips and Strategies to Help You Catch More King Salmon

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Little Tips and Strategies to Help You Catch More King Salmon

5 January 2022
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King salmon are some of the most magnificent fish. They can reach over 100 pounds, and they're even the state fish of Alaska. Fishing for king salmon can be really rewarding since you get plenty of fish with each catch. However, you may benefit from a few small tips and strategies to help you catch more king salmon.

1. Wash your fish baits before putting them on the hook.

King salmon are often best baited with pieces of fish. It's common to use herring. Make sure you rinse these chunks of fish with clean water right before you put them on the line. If you don't wash the fish chunks, they may have an oily residue on them, and that oily residue can develop a smell that turns off king salmon. These fish are so sensitive to scents that this one step can make all the difference. Also, make sure your fish chunks are as fresh as possible; if they're more than a day or two old, they'll develop an odor the fish don't like.

2. Wash your hands in dish detergent.

Before you bait your line, make sure you wash your hands well. This should remove any oils or other odorous compounds that might transfer to your line and turn off the king salmon. The best thing to wash your hands with is dish detergent. Use a good, grease-fighting brand. Dish soaps tend to do a better job of breaking down and removing oils from your hands than standard dish soaps. If you don't have a convenient way to wash your hands before fishing, wear clean rubber gloves instead.

3. Fish near the edge of clear water.

King salmon tend to spend time in clear water. The problem is, they can also see you easily in the clear water. So, the best strategy for catching them is often to sit over the murky water, right near a clear water border, and then cast your line into the clear water. This way, you're casting your line where there are more likely to be fish, but you're also using the camouflage provided by murky water to your advantage. 

If you implement the tips above, you should find that you're able to catch more king salmon. Fishing for these salmon can be quite a rush, especially if you're up north in Alaska where the fish are most common. For more information, contact king salmon fishing services.