Going Out To An Anniversary Dinner? Follow These Tips

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Going Out To An Anniversary Dinner? Follow These Tips

16 March 2022
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If you go out to eat when you're celebrating your anniversary, you want the meal to be memorable. You also want the whole experience of dining at the restaurant to be charming and romantic. How can you ensure that you have this type of experience? Follow the tips below.

Choose a restaurant that means something to you.

You can try a new or different restaurant any night. On your anniversary, it's often nicer to go to a place you've dined at before. Pick somewhere that comes with some memories, such as the place you went on your first date or the place where you celebrated a birthday. This way, you'll be able to discuss old memories as you dine, which can encourage a romantic atmosphere.

Dine by candlelight.

If there's a restaurant you're considering that has candlelight dining, definitely go for that option. Ask what time they begin candlelight dining so that you can be sure to dine during those hours. Candlelight dining makes the whole experience feel more romantic. You'll be more aware of each other and less aware of whatever the people around you are doing. 

Leave yourself lots of time.

You don't want to be rushing around and trying to make it to the restaurant on time on your anniversary. Rather, you want to keep things calm and low-stress! So, allow yourself plenty of time when making the reservation. For example, if you get out of work at 5:00 and the restaurant is 15 minutes away, maybe opt for a 7:00 reservation rather than a 6:00 one. If you have to pick up your date at 6:45, maybe push that reservation to 7:15. It's better to arrive a little early than to be stressed out and rushing.

Order dishes that aren't messy.

A fancy anniversary dinner is not a great time to eat spaghetti and meatballs or other potentially messy dishes. You don't want to spend the evening eating cautiously. If you order something that's not messy, you can focus more on your date and less on your eating. Steak is always a good choice. A tasty chicken dish, fish, or even sushi also work well and are not messy.

You deserve to have a lovely and memorable anniversary dinner. You can have that if you follow the tips above. You and your date can enjoy eating together by candlelight at a restaurant that means something to you, especially if you don't have to rush to get there.