Signs Of A Good Hotel

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Signs Of A Good Hotel

12 August 2022
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You want a good experience while staying at a hotel, so you can return there the next time you visit the area. Sometimes it can be challenging to differentiate the good places from the bad.

To figure out if the hotel you're staying at is a cut above the rest, consider the following information.

Limited Availability

Is it difficult to get a room at the hotel, particularly on weekends? It may be a sign that other people have figured out how great it is to stay there, so the rooms fill up quickly. Another way to know if that's true is to see if there is still lots of availability at other hotels in the area, so you know it's not just fully booked because of a nearby event of the destination itself. 

Good Online Reviews

You must consider online hotel reviews with a grain of salt because someone can get upset over an honest mistake and take it out on the hotel. However, it's a good place to start if there are enough reviews to get a good average. Don't let online reviews be your final judgment on a business because people often pay for fake reviews, but a quick check will help you decide which places you should avoid entirely.

Well-Kept Grounds

Before stepping foot inside a hotel, you can get an idea of how much effort they put into creating a great stay by inspecting the grounds. Is it clean, properly landscaped, and generally well-cared-for? You can't expect a hotel to be nice on the inside if they don't make an effort on the outside since that's what the general public sees. 

A Nice Lobby

When you check into a hotel, you can get a feel for whether or not the entire experience will be pleasant through the cleanliness and design elements of the lobby. The lobby doesn't have to be extravagant for the hotel to be nice; there simply needs to be evidence of an effort to provide a good guest experience.

Friendly Staff

A good hotel worth staying at regularly will ensure its staff members are respectful, polite, and helpful to guests. If an establishment allows its staff to treat guests poorly, they probably don't take pride in other areas, such as maintaining a clean environment, security, etc. When you encounter friendly and helpful staff members, it's a good sign that other aspects of your stay will also be pleasant.

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